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Angel Fernando Castillo Cime

Guía Certificado

Angel Castillo is a professional bird guide committed to offering well-designed and personalized nature and cultural tours throughout the Peninsula of Yucatan. His tours are exclusively tailored for all those interested in exploring alternative tourism opportunities. You will experience the social life and culture of the Mayan indigenous peoples.

He has a deep understanding on the birds from the Yucatan Peninsula, his eyesight and ear are fantastic in detecting and identifying birds, he has knowledge on natural history of the region and he understands on the ranges of the birds.

Angel is proud of his heritage and he is eager to share his knowledge with everyone that he meets. His connections to the local villages of his family near to the Ruins of Chichén Itza allows him to personally and intinately share their culture away from the commercial sites often visited by other tours. He is warm, humble and patient. All great attributes in an educator. highly recommend Angel to anyone wishing to hire a bird guide in the region.



La observación de aves es una actividad turística, mas importantes en la actualidad, solo vívelo!!


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